Tesco Complain Online – How to Contact Customer service 

If there is any problem related to Tesco electricity, you can easily contact their company. They will try to solve your problem or issue as quickly as possible. Feel free to reach out to TESCO regarding any queries or issues using the provided contact information.

Phone no:

Phone noemail address

TESCO Complain Online Head Office Address

  • 213-Mini WAPDA House, Shami Road, Peshawar, Pakistan
  • Phone: 091-9212964
  • Fax: 091-9212950
  • contact@tesco.gov.pk

Tesco Complain Online registration process 

To file an online complaint using the TESCO form, follow these steps:

  • Open the online form.
  • Provide your full name.
  •  Select your country and city.
  •  Enter your email address.
  • Add your residence address.
  • Provide your cell phone number and CNIC.
  • Select the agency related to your complaint.
  • If it involves a specific person, describe the issue in the designated box.
  • Write a brief title for your complaint.
  • Enter the consumer agency reference number.
  • Select your agency again.
  • Elaborate on the matter of your complaint in the provided box.
  • If you have supporting documents, attach them by clicking “choose file.”
  • Read and acknowledge the rules and policies.
  • Complete the affidavit form and enter the security code.
  • Click on the “send” button to submit your application.
  • This process ensures that your online complaint is successfully registered with Tesco.

Some Additional ways you can Contact Tesco to complain 

There are some additional ways where you can easily contact the customer service center.If you want to complain through social media accounts such as Tesco’s Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram Linkedin, etc.

Tesco Complain Online Contact Customer Service

Start by reaching out to Tesco’s customer service. Find their contact info on your bill, the official website, or through an online search. Note down the phone number or email.

Prepare Relevant Information: 

To make it simpler, make sure you have all the necessary information related to your complaint before reaching out. This may include your account details, billing statements, transaction records, or any other relevant documents. Having these details on hand will help you explain your issue clearly.

Compose your complaint: 

Take some time to write down the details of your complaint. Be concise, specific, and polite in describing the problem you encountered with your bill. Such as its dates, amounts, and any supporting evidence you may have.

Contact Tesco:

Reach out to Tesco’s customer service via the phone number or email address you obtained earlier. Explain that you wish to make a complaint about your bill and provide the representative with the necessary information. Clearly state your desired resolution or outcome.

TESCO issues discussion 

You can discuss a variety of issues with Tesco. There are a few examples:

Incorrect Charges – Complaint about incorrect charges on Tesco bill

I am writing to complain about the incorrect charges on my recent Tesco bill. Upon reviewing the statement, I noticed several items that were billed at higher prices than what was indicated in the store. Additionally, there were a few items that were completely missing from the bill, despite being included in my purchase. I kindly request an immediate investigation into this matter and a refund for the overcharged amount. I value my relationship with Tesco and hope that this issue can be resolved promptly. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Double Billing – Complaint about being billed twice on Tesco bill

I am disappointed to discover that I have been double billed on my recent Tesco bill. I kindly request a swift resolution to rectify this error and a refund of the excess amount charged. Please investigate this matter urgently and take measures to prevent such mistakes in the future.

Billing Dispute – Complaint regarding a dispute with the Tesco bill

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with a billing dispute with Tesco. The bill contains unjustified charges, and customer service has been unhelpful. I request an investigation, an explanation for the charges, and a prompt adjustment to my bill.

Billing Errors:

If you find any mistakes or differences in your Tesco bill, you can let them know so they can fix it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can easily contact their customer service department through phone, email, or by visiting a Tesco store. You can find their contact information on their website or your Tesco bill.

When you make a complaint, it’s useful to provide your account details, billing statements, dates that are important, and any evidence or documents that support your issue. This information will help Tesco understand and address your complaint better.

Tesco tries their best to respond to complaints quickly. Sometimes it might take longer if the problem is complicated. Normally, you should expect a reply within a few business days. But if they need to look into it more, it could take a bit more time to sort it out.

If you’re not satisfied with how Tesco responded to your complaint, you can ask to talk to a manager or find out how to make a more serious complaint. They might be able to help you better or pass your complaint to a special team that deals with such problems.

It’s best to let Tesco know about your complaint as soon as you can. There may not be a strict time limit, but acting quickly can help them solve the problem faster.

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