GEPCO online bill check 2023 – Get your GEPCO duplicate bill online

Now, you can get your gepco bill online without any fee and wait. You can gepco duplicate bill download, can print gepco bill online, can save as pdf your bill for free. So, if you’re interested to do that you just need internet access and you have to open and you need to enter your 14-digit gepco reference number to get bill.

How to check gepco online bill – gepco duplicate bill print online

How to check gepco online bill

Find Reference Number

First step is you should have your gepco bill reference number to get your bill.


Note Your Reference Number

So, you have to note your reference number or you can save it to check bill later.


Enter Reference Number

So, to check your gepco duplicate bill online just enter your 14 digit reference number in the box that is on top of this post.


Click on check bill button

When you have entered your reference number then you have to click on check bill button. A new tab with your bill will be opened.

How to find reference number of pitc GEPCO bill

Gepco bill reference number is at the top left corner of your duplicate gepco bill copy after the consumer ID. You can easily find it if you having any issues finding your reference number then I just added a bill of a gepco user. You can take help by this image and can find your reference number then it will be easy to get your electricity bill gepco.

gepco bill reference number

Some Questions You May Ask About Reference Number

If you don’t want to check your bill with gepco reference number then you can’t get it. Because right now gepco don not offer this to get your bill with consumer id.

Right now on 2/18/23 gepco bill official website doesn’t offer to check your bill through gepco bill customer id or consumer number. However, you can check your bill at pitc.bill.gepcobill website with your consumer id or customer id.

Save your GEPCO online bill reference number

When you have your reference number then you have to remember it or you can note it to check your gepco bill. Because it will be required for bill checking of electricity bill gepco. Just save your reference number and follow the next steps to get your duplicate electricity online bill gepco.

note gepco reference number

Enter GEPCO reference number to check GEPCO online bill

After saving your gepco bill or if you remember your reference number then you can enter gepco reference number. In the given box at the beginning of this article and can check your bill. Note you have to enter 14 digit reference number otherwise, you will get this error. So, be careful and check your bill by entering 14 digits gepco reference number of the electricity bill.

How to enter your reference number of gepco and where

how to check gepco bill by enterning reference number

You will get this error if you will enter less or more number from 14 digit

gepco bill enter less error

Press the check bill button to get your GEPCO bill

When you will click on check bill button after entering your reference number you will get your bill easily. So, you can find check bill button below enter the reference number field otherwise i have shown you through Gif. After doing that you can wapda bill online check gepco for free.

Right now we don’t offer to check your bill by enterning your customer id. We are working on that and hope will soon ad this facility to our customers.

You can check gepco bill online by

You don’t need to find anything on because i explain everything here. You don’t need to find a web address for gepco bill checking on

You can easily check our bill by gepco bill app which is official provided by So, will launch their own app for bill checking just wait for it.

How to download GEPCO bill online

So, if you want to download your gepco electricity bill then you can easily do that. For that you have to check your bill I already explained to you how to check gepco wapda bill. After checking your bill you can see a print bill button when you will click on the print bill button you will be redirected to a new page. Here you have to select what you want you have to select ‘save as pdf” and also select how many pages you want to download. When you have all done click on the save button at the footer of the page.

How to print GEPCO bill online – duplicate GEPCO bill copy

You can easily print your gepco bill online if your printer is connected with your computer or laptop. When you will check your gepco bill then you can see a print bill button when you will press it a new tab will be open. Here you can select pages and size after that you can print it easily.

GEPCO mobile data collection service

Now you can get your duplicate gepco bill online meter reading through SMS on your mobile phone easily. Geco recently launch this service in that you have to put your gepco reference number, Mobile number, email, and name. After that, you will get details of your gepco meter reading in your mobile phone number that you have entered. You can get more details about this by clicking on the blue link.

Gepco bill new connection procedure – gepco enc

Now, through you can apply for a new connection for gepco. Gepco company offers you to apply for new connections in 3 categories. Get more details about gepco new connection procedure through this link.

  • Category 1 (15 KW)
  • Category 2 (16-70 KW) (400 V)
  • From 3 (71 to 500 KW) (400 V)

GEPCO online complaint system

You can also Register online complaints through gepco E complaint system offered by gepco official website. For online complaints these things are required and you have to put details to register a successful complaint.

  • Your name
  • Mobile number
  • Your Email
  • Circle or City
  • Complaint Nature
  • Your Reference number
  • Few words of your complaint


The Gujranwala Electric Power Company Management Information System is known as GEPCO MIS. GEPCO uses this computerized system to manage its business operations and give its clients better service. The system is made to handle several facets of the commercial operations of the company, such as maintenance, customer service, and billing.

Customers can examine their bills, pay bills online, and access account information using the GEPCO MIS. Additionally, it enables the business to track energy usage, manage operations more effectively, and respond to any difficulties or complaints from clients. Overall, the GEPCO MIS is a crucial instrument for GEPCO to improve customer service and guarantee the efficiency of its operations.

Gepco CNIC data collection

Gepco launch a new service of CNIC data collection for their customers. It offers you to register through CNIC and mobile numbers. You need the following things to register on gepco.

  • Mobile Number
  • CNIC
  • Reference number
  • Your Name


Gepco Net Metering

Net metering is a system that allows customers with solar panels to generate their own electricity and sell any excess electricity back to the gepco company. Now, you can save money by providing electricity to gepco company. Gepco recently launch this service for net metering. It’s very simple to provide electricity to gepco you just need to have your solar panels and enough electricity.

Your gepco electricity meter will bi replaced with a net meter. This meter will measure both the electricity consumed by the gepco grid and the electricity generated by the customer’s Solar system. Gepco customers will be billed only for the net amount of electricity used, which is the difference between the electricity consumed and the electricity generated.

GEPCO bill calculator online

If you want to calculate your gepco bill online then you can also do it on You just need to enter the units of your current bill or other that you want to calculate. When you will enter the unit you will get an estimated gepco bill below for free.

GEPCO helpline number and email address

If you need any kind of help from GEPCO then you can contact them easily by their email address or phone number. The details is given below also you can visit their HQ if you have any kind of issue. GEPCO services are available for 24/7.

GEPCO phone numbers 

+92-55-9200504, +92-55-9200516, +92-55-9200592

GEPCO online bill payment – Pay GEPCO bill online

GEPCO now offers online bill payment options through various electronic channels such as JazzCash, EasyPaisa, and UBL Omni. Customers can also use GEPCO’s official website to make their bill payments online. Get Your SEPCO Online Bill

gepco bill payment method