Mepco Bill Pay Online – How To Pay Mepco Bill Through Jazzcash

If you want to pay your Mepco bill through JazzCash, you’re in the right place. Learn the basic steps from downloading and registering on the JazzCash app to smoothly pay your Mepco bill online.If you’re looking to pay your MEPCO bill through the JazzCash bill payment app and need a step-by-step guide, this article has you covered. Discover how to install and register on the JazzCash app and learn the steps to efficiently settle your MEPCO bill pay online. Additionally, explore how to effortlessly check the payment status for added clarity on each point.

Mepco bill pay check app download – Bill Payment App Installation Process

  • Go to the Google Play Store and search for the JazzCash app.
  • Locate and install the JazzCash app among the many apps.
  • Click on the JazzCash app, and after a short while, it will be installed and ready to use on your mobile device.

Mepco Bill Pay Online – JazzCash Registration Process

  • Open the JazzCash app. 
  • Click on “Register” to create your account.
  •  Provide your mobile number and follow the prompts.
  •  Receive an OTP on your mobile, enter it to verify.
  •  Fill in your CNIC details and date of issue.
  •  Click “Next” and select your mother’s name.
  •  Confirm your identity by clicking “Verify.”
  •  Choose a secure password or PIN and input additional details.
  •  Press “Reset Your PIN” to finalize the registration.
  • Congratulations, your JazzCash account is now registered and ready for use!

Mepco bill pay online – How to pay mepco bill online

  • Open the JazzCash app.
  •  Navigate to the “Utility Bills ” section.
  •  Enter your 5-digit JazzCash PIN.
  •  Choose “Enter a New Bill to Pay.”
  •  Under “Electricity,” select “MEPCO” as your company.
  • Add your MEPCO reference number.
  • Click “Next” to view the bill amount.
  • Press “Pay Now” to automatically settle your MEPCO bill.

Mepco bill paid status – Mepco paid bill information

  • To confirm if your Lesco bill is paid using the JazzCash app:
  • Open the JazzCash app on your mobile device.
  • Access the “Bill Payments” section within the app.
  • Enter your 5-digit JazzCash PIN for verification.
  • Choose the bill type and specify MEPCO as the company.
  • Input your MEPCO reference number.
  • Click on “Next” to promptly check your bill status.
  • The JazzCash app will display whether your MEPCO bill has been paid, showing ‘Paid,’ or if it is unpaid or blocked. Stay updated effortlessly!

Frequently Asked Questions

Pay your Lesco bill on JazzCash Open the app, click ‘Bill Payment,’ enter your PIN, choose ‘Electricity,’ select Lesco, add the reference number, and click ‘Next.’ Finally, hit ‘Pay Now’ to settle your bill instantly.

 Open JazzCash app, click ‘Bill Payment,’ enter PIN, select bill type, choose Lesco, add reference number. Click ‘Next’ to check if the Mepco bill is ‘Paid’ or ‘Blocked/Unpaid.’

 Pay bills through JazzCash Mobile account: Open the app, go to ‘Bill Payment,’ select bill type and company, add reference number, and confirm payment. Ensure sufficient funds in your JazzCash Mobile account.

 Yes, you can pay PTCL bills with JazzCash.

 If your JazzCash account payment for the Mepco bill is unsuccessful, check your account balance. If issues persist, contact JazzCash customer support for assistance.

 If you create a new JazzCash account, there will be no fees for the first three bills. After that, a nominal fee will be applicable for subsequent bill payments.

  • Launch the JazzCash app on your smartphone.
  • Navigate to the “Bill Payments” section.
  •  Verify your identity with the 5-digit JazzCash PIN.
  • Select the bill type and indicate MEPCO as the company.
  • Enter your MEPCO reference number accurately.
  •  Click “Next” to swiftly ascertain your bill status.

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