MEPCO Bill New Connection – How To Check Mepco New Connection Status

In this post, I’ll guide you through the entire process of obtaining an MEPCO bill new connection. Additionally, I’ll provide information on the associated fees and required documents.If you’re looking to set up a new electricity connection or add an additional meter to your existing setup with MEPCO, this guide will walk you through the step-by-step process, required documents, and a detailed explanation of applying online.

Mepco bill new connection required documents 

  • MEPCO new connection documents:
  • Gather the following documents:
  • Ownership Proof
  • Applicant’s Undertaking
  • Multiple Owners’ IDs
  • Witnesses’ IDs
  • Tariff Copy
  • Tenant Requirements

Complete your application with essentials such as the application and agreement form, acknowledgment of supply conditions, owner’s identification, and, for commercial connections, additional documents like a copy of the memorandum and articles of association, attested certificate of incorporation, and a resolution of the company authorizing the person signing the (A&A) form.

This comprehensive guide ensures a smooth process for obtaining a new MEPCO electricity connection, whether you choose to apply online or offline.

Mepco online new connection application registration 

  • Visit for the MEPCO bill.
  • On the new screen, you’ll encounter various options.
  • Click on the “Online New Connection” section.
  • If there are multiple options, select “Apply for New Connection” and proceed.
  • Enter all the required information in the designated fields.
  •  Click on “Category Type,” and an application form will appear for you to fill out.
  • Fill in the required information, and at the end, attach the necessary documents.
  • Read the terms and conditions, click ” Agree.”
  • Once you choose this option, a captcha will appear. Fill in the captcha to proceed.
  •  Double-check the provided information, then click “Submit.”
  • On the next screen, you’ll receive a congratulations message, along with your tracking ID. This tracking ID allows you to monitor your application’s status. You can also print this receipt for your records.

MEPCO Bill New Connection via Local Shop:

If you visit a shop providing stamping services, ask them to prepare a file for a new electricity connection. They will create a file, and you need to submit this file at the electricity office for further processing. Applying online is essential, and having a physical copy at your local WAPDA office is also necessary. Once your application is submitted, and the process is initiated, you’ll receive a formal acknowledgment at your residence, signifying the start of the site survey with an expected timeline of 2-3 months for your new connection.

MEPCO Online New Connection Status Check:

  • To check the status of your MEPCO online new connection:
  •  Visit the MEPCO official website.
  •  Navigate to the “New Connection” section.
  •  Input your reference number or application ID.
  • Click on “Check Status.”
  • Now, you’ll see the current status of your MEPCO online new connection application.

MEPCO new meter connection charges:

  • MEPCO new connection charges:
  • Single-phase meter charges vary based on service line length.
  • 1. Up to 20 meters: Rs. 8,500/-
  • 2. 20 to 30 meters: Rs. 10,500/-
  • 3. 30 to 40 meters: Rs. 11,500/-
  • 4. Above 40 meters up to 100 meters: Rs. 11,000 + Rs. 800 per meter
  • 5. Above 100 meters up to 160 meters: Rs. 60,000 + Rs. 1000 per meter

MEPCO bill new connection reference number:

Once your new connection is activated, your first bill will include your reference number.

MEPCO new connection first bill:

Upon activation, your first MEPCO bill will encompass initial charges, service line fees, and electricity consumption charges for the specified billing period.

Mepco’s new connection demands a notice fee

The fee for the demand notice in the MEPCO new connection application may differ based on the connection type and capacity. To get the most accurate information regarding these charges, it is advised to directly reach out to MEPCO, as these fees may be subject to change.

Mexico’s new connection demands notice print

Visit the website. Click on “Print DN.”Select the application type. Click on “New Connection.”Enter the tracking ID or CNIC. Now, click the submit option. On the demand notice screen, scroll down a bit, and there you will find the option to click on “Print Demand Notice.”

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