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Are you feeling disappointed with receiving extremely high electricity bills from Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO)? Are you struggling to understand the unusual charges and incorrect meter readings on your bill? You are not alone in facing these challenges. Many people are dissatisfied with MEPCO’s billing system. Our aim in this article is to provide you with information about the reasons behind the complaints regarding MEPCO bills. We will share the stories of dissatisfied customers and seek to shed light on the issues. Together, we will explore the facts and work towards finding solutions.

In case of any problem, while using electricity, you have the option to contact the helpline provided by Mepco. To file a complaint, you can access the open application form on their official website. Simply fill out the form with your details and provide a clear explanation of your query.

Complaints can be related to various matters such as requesting a new connection, meter issues and billing discrepancies, insufficient electricity supply, or any other concerns falling under the authority of MEPCO. The customer service staff will promptly respond to your complaint and provide assistance within the specified timeframe.

 Mepco Contact Number 

You can call the Mepco helpline center in case of any emergency or information. Dial the below number and register your complaint.


Mepco Email:

Mepco Additional Complaint Number 

MEPCO has established a help desk to facilitate its customers in registering their complaints in person. You can visit the office to physically register your complaint. The staff is fully cooperative and committed to resolving customer issues.

Multan(061) 9220198
Muzaffar Garh(066) 9200065
Dera Ghazi Khan(064) 9239229
Bahawalpur(062) 9250102
Rahim Yar Khan(068) 9230160
Vehari(067) 3360282
Sahiwal(040) 9200305
Bahwal Nagar(063) 9239031
Helpline Number(0800)63726 (061)9220198

How do you register to complain to MEPCO

In case of any issue, you can make a complaint, the registration process has been given below:

  • Visit the official website
  • Enter your full name, your address, and other required information.
  • Choose your city or region.
  • When the writing process is completed. Then click on the submit button.
  • Another way to register your complaint, you call helpline numbers.
  • If you are in a situation where immediate assistance is required, you should call the emergency helpline number specific to your country or location.


MEPCO Online has made things easier for its customers by providing helpful services. Now, customers can easily fix problems with their bills, resolve overdue charges, correct mistakes in meter readings, and update their names and addresses. The customer service centers are always ready to assist and resolve complaints promptly.

Mepco issues discussion 

Billing Error in Mepco Bill

If you have noticed a billing error in your Mepco bill, promptly contact their customer service department to report the issue. Provide them with your account details, billing period, and a clear explanation of the specific error or discrepancy you have identified.

Incorrect Calculation in Mepco Bill

 If you received an electricity bill from Mepco (Multan Electric Power Company) and noticed that there was an incorrect calculation in the total amount. The bill seemed to have added an extra charge for a service that I did not use. I immediately contacted Mepco’s customer service to address the issue and requested a correction to the bill. They assured me that they would rectify the error and issue a revised bill with the correct amount. I appreciate their prompt response and hope to receive the corrected bill soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

MEPCO has introduced a dedicated customer assistance center to address complaints, which can be accessed through various channels including online, in-person visits, or phone calls.

To check the status of your complaint with Mepco, you can contact their helpline or customer service center and provide them with your complaint reference number. They will be able to provide you with an update on the progress of your complaint.

Mepco Complaint refers to the complaint resolution process provided by the Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO), which is one of the electric distribution companies in Pakistan. It allows customers to report any issues, problems,  their electricity supply or services provided by Mepco.

You can file different types of complaints with Mepco,  Such as:

Power outages or load shedding issues

Billing errors

Voltage problems low/high 

Meter-related issues

New connection requests or connection transfer issues

Streetlight faults 

Electricity theft 

Are any other Complaint about Mepco electricity.

You need to provide the following information:

Your name, address, and contact details Consumer number.

Description of the complaint or problem you are facing

Date and time

Supporting evidence or documents

Its easier it will be for Mepco to address and resolve your complaint effectively.

 If you want to check the status of your complaint with Mepco, you can contact their  customer service center. After then provide them with your complaint reference number. They will provide you with an update on the progress of your complaint.

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