Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check my PESCO bill online using CNIC?

You can’t check your pesco duplicate bill by using cnic.To check your bill, you need either the reference number or the customer ID.

How can I check Pesco online?

Visit the official PESCO website, enter your reference number, and access your bill details online.

Where can I check my PESCO bill online near Peshawar?

You can check your PESCO bills online from anywhere, no matter where you are.

How do I pay my PESCO bill online?

To pay your PESCO bill online, log in to your account on the official website, choose the payment option, and then simply follow the provided instructions.

 How can I confirm if my PESCO bill is paid?

You can easily check if your Pesco bill is paid or not by using the easypaisa app.

Can I find my PESCO bill using my name?

PESCO bill inquiries mainly use the reference number, not the customer’s name.

 What should I do if my PESCO bill is not found online?

If you face this issue, contact PESCO customer support.

How can I check my PESCO bill without the reference number?

The reference number is essential for this process.If you don’t have it, then you can use the customer id that is given on your pesco duplicate bill.

Where can I find PESCO bill unit rates?

 PESCO unit rates can be obtained from the official website.

How can I calculate my PESCO bill using a calculator?

If you want to calculate your PESCO bill, visit the official PESCO website, click on the “Calculate” section, and enter the required information.

 How do I download my PESCO bill?

To download your PESCO bill, go to the official website, log in, and choose the download option.

Is there a specific logo on the PESCO bill?

Yes, the PESCO bill typically features the official PESCO logo.

When is the last date for paying my PESCO bill?

Check the due date on your PESCO bill and make sure to pay on time to avoid late fees.

 How can I confirm if my PESCO bill has been paid or not?

 Log in to your PESCO account and check the payment status on their website.

 Is there a PESCO bill app available?

Yes, pesco light app.

Where can I find my PESCO bill account number?

To find your account number, read your PESCO bill near the section containing personal information; the account number is usually located nearby.

What should I do if I have a complaint about my PESCO bill?

Visit the official PESCO website, Go to the complaint section, and put all basic details.Double check your details and click the Submit option.

Can I check my PESCO bill with the meter number?

No, you can’t check by using the meter number.To check a duplicate PESCO bill online, you’ll need either the customer ID or the reference number.

 How can I check my PESCO bill with the serial number?

PESCO bill inquiries usually rely on the reference number. Reach out to PESCO for alternative methods.

What is the consumer ID on my PESCO bill?

The consumer ID is commonly found in the upper section of your PESCO bill.

How do I get a duplicate copy of my PESCO bill?

Download a duplicate copy from the PESCO website or contact their customer service for assistance.

 What is a PESCO detection bill?

A PESCO detection bill might signal a generated estimate when an actual reading couldn’t be obtained.

How can I get a duplicate PESCO bill using my customer ID?

 Yes, you can usually download a duplicate PESCO bill by providing your customer ID on their official website.

 How can I check my PESCO bill history?

For your PESCO bill history, go to the official website and click on “Bill History.”

 What are the options for paying my PESCO bill?

You can pay your PESCO bill online through their official website, use some other ways such as easypaisa, jazzcash mobile apps etc.

How can I download the Pesco bill app ?

To download the PESCO app, search for “PESCO Light” on the Google Play Store, click on the Install option. After a short while, once the app is downloaded, register it, and use it effortlessly.

What are the current Pesco bill unit rates?

The 2023 Pesco bill unit rates are:

Domestic: Rs. 24.82 to Rs. 30 per unit.

 How can I calculate my Pesco bill online?

Utilize the online Pesco bill calculator to approximate your monthly electricity charges. The calculator considers your customer category, consumed units, and the prevailing per-unit rates.

Where can I find my Pesco bill account number?

Your Pesco bill account number is a unique identifier that is assigned to your electricity account. You can find your account number on your monthly Pesco bill or by contacting Pesco customer support.

How do I file a complaint about my Pesco bill?

For phone complaints, dial 111-000-118, the Pesco customer service hotline. For in-person complaints, visit the nearest Pesco customer service center.

How can I check my Pesco bill by meter number?

Check your Pesco bill online by entering your meter number on the website or call 111-000-118 for phone inquiries.

How can I check my Pesco bill with a serial number?

To view your Pesco bill, use the serial number online by visiting the Pesco website and selecting “View Bill.” Enter your serial number and click “Submit.” For phone inquiries, call the Pesco customer service hotline at 111-000-118.

What is my Pesco bill consumer ID?

The consumer ID on your Pesco bill is a distinctive code assigned to your electricity account.

How can I get a duplicate copy of my Pesco bill?

To get a duplicate Pesco bill, go online or call. On the Pesco website, click “Bill History,” input your reference or account number, and click “Submit” to view and download your bill. For phone requests, dial 111-000-118 to reach Pesco customer service.

What is a Pesco detection bill?

A Pesco detection bill is issued to customers suspected of electricity theft and is usually significantly higher than regular bills.

How can I pay my Pesco bill?

To settle your Pesco bill, choose from online, phone, or in-person methods. Visit the Pesco website, select “Bill Payment,” input your reference or account number, and click “Submit” to view your bill. Complete the payment using a credit card, debit card, or online banking.

How can I check my Pesco bill by meter number?

You can check your Pesco bill by meter number online or by phone. To check your

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