Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

No, you can’t check by using your name. 

To request an IESCO meter, fill out the application form available online or at the official IESCO office.

Find consumer number on IESCO bill near the top.where reference number located.

To access the list of IESCO approved manufacturers, refer to the official website or contact customer support.

For a list of IESCO-approved contractors, check the official website or contact customer service.

To request a new meter from IESCO, get the application form from the website, fill it, and submit it to the designated office.

 IESCO (Islamabad Electric Supply Company) is a government-owned entity responsible for electricity distribution in its designated region.

Get the IESCO connection application form from the official website or visit the nearest IESCO office.

Install the IESCO light app, enter Cnic and password now, click login to your account.

 IESCO office timings vary, usually from 9 AM to 5 PM.

IESCO usually conducts meter readings on a monthly basis, but the exact date of reading may vary each month.

Yes, you can access your IESCO bill record online through the official website.

Certainly, once you log in, you can typically locate an option to generate a duplicate copy of your IESCO bill.

Visit the IESCO official website, locate the registration section, and follow the provided steps.

 Yes, IESCO provides an online bill unit calculator for your convenience.

After logging in, easily verify your IESCO bill by visiting the bill verification section on the website.

Certainly, feel free to download the IESCO app, part of WAPDA services, for convenient access to your electricity-related requirements.

Create an IESCO account.

Log in and go to bill payment.

Enter your bill details and select credit card.

Enter credit card information and confirm payment.

Yes, IESCO provides online bill submission options through their official website.

 Yes, after viewing your bill online, there should be an option to print it for your records.

 Currently, there is no online provision for changing the name on your IESCO bill.

Yes, you can access and view your previous month’s IESCO bill details through the online portal.

Verify your IESCO bill payment status by visiting the IESCO website, entering the bill payment or inquiry section, and providing your details for confirmation.

Yes, you can pay IESCO duplicate online.Sure, you can easily pay your duplicate IESCO bill online through various available methods.

No, you can’t check by using cnic. Need reference number or customer id for this process.

There are various online methods to pay the IESCO bill, such as EasyPaisa, JazzCash, mobile apps, etc.

Visit the official website.

Enter the 14- digit reference number or customer id.

Now, click the search button.

After a while you will be able to see your IESCO bill on your mobile screen.

To pay your IESCO bill online through Faysal Bank, log in to your Faysal Bank account, choose bill payments, select IESCO, and follow the provided instructions to complete the payment.

Visit IESCO official website, put a reference number  in the bill section, and get your bill online.

If you miss the bill due date, you can still pay later, but there will be extra charges for late payment fee.

Pay your IESCO bill online via UBL: Log in, go to bill payments, choose IESCO, and follow the instructions to complete your payment.

The “deduction” on your IESCO bill is the amount reduced, like discounts or adjustments, impacting the total bill.

If you want to check the IESCO bill without a reference number, you can also use the customer ID to check the IESCO duplicate bill in an alternative manner.

You can’t check by using the meter number.

After entering your reference number on the official IESCO website, you can view your bill on the screen and easily comprehend the details.

To pay your IESCO bill online using Bank Alfalah, log in to your Bank Alfalah account, choose the bill payment option, select IESCO, and proceed as directed to make the payment.

If you’re facing issues with the IESCO online bill service, ensure your internet connection is stable. Clear browser cache or try another browser. If the problem persists, contact IESCO customer support.

 Visit the IESCO official website, try to find the  “View Bill Online” section, enter your reference number and access your bill.

Yes,upon viewing your bill online, search for an option that allows you to download a copy for record-keeping purposes.

Visit the official website. Go to the calculator or bill estimator section.Enter the required details.

IESCO provides an online bill calculator to help estimate your electricity bill based on consumption.

 You can not check by using cnic. Need reference number or consumer id.

Visit the IESCO website, locate the specified area, and input your reference number to review and check your bill.

To complain, visit IESCO’s website, find the complaint section, and follow instructions to resolve billing issues.

Visit the IESCO website, go to the bill inquiry section, and input your old reference number to view your bill details online.

Visit the official website or use the iesco light app.

Visit the official website. Put the required information.

You can check iesco bill online by visiting the official website of IESCO bill or by using IESCO light app. Just need to enter the consumer number in the given area.

You can check your IESCO duplicate old bill by visiting the official website.

 IESCO (Islamabad Electric Supply Company) is an electric distribution company in Pakistan that is responsible for supplying electricity to Islamabad and parts of Punjab province.

You can pay your IESCO bill online by different methods Such as Mobile App, Jazzcash, Easypaisa,etc.You just need to create an account. And put the required details and pay your IESCO bill online.

You can pay your IESCO bill offline by visiting any bank or post office.

Yes, To determine if your IESCO bill has been paid, you can quickly check a few sources. First, review your email or SMS notifications for any payment confirmation messages from IESCO. Second, log in to your IESCO online account and navigate to the payment history section, which will indicate whether your bill has been paid.

You can pay your IESCO bill online even after the due date, but you will need to pay it with an additional charge.Check their official website or contact customer support for information on paying your bill online after the due date.

The IESCO bill checking procedure online is very easy and simple.First of all, Visit the official website of IESCO bill.Enter the necessary information Such as Reference number or customer ID.If you enter the reference number after a few seconds you will see your IESCO bill easily in your mobile screen.

If you don’t receive your IESCO bill on its due date then you can check and get a duplicate copy of your IESCO bill online. Additionally, you can contact the IESCO customer service helpline. 

To estimate your IESCO bill quickly, note down the meter reading at the start and end of the billing cycle. Subtract the start reading from the end reading to find your electricity consumption. Multiply this by the IESCO tariff rate. Remember to consider any additional charges or taxes that may apply.

The amount of your IESCO bill is determined by several factors, including your electricity consumption, the tariff rate applicable to your category (e.g., residential, commercial), and any applicable taxes and surcharges.

ISECO bills are generally issued on a monthly basis. However, in some cases, depending on your location or specific circumstances.

Yes, IESCO provides the facility to pay your electricity bill in installments if your bill is unusually high or if you are facing financial difficulties. You can avail this option to ease the burden of payment by discussing installment plans with IESCO’s customer service helpline or by visiting their customer service center.

If you are unable to pay your IESCO bill on time, it’s important to contact IESCO’s customer service helpline or visit their customer service center as soon as possible. 

If you need to update your personal information on your IESCO bill, such as your name, address, or contact details, you should contact IESCO’s customer service helpline or visit their customer service center. They will guide you through the process.

If you want to change the name of your IESCO bill then you need to visit the nearest IESCO office and submit the name change application. You should also provide all the necessary documents to the company. 

If you find any mistake in your IESCO electricity bill, like wrong calculations, a higher bill than usual, or a problem with the meter reading, you can contact IESCO customer service. They will help you and solve the issue you are facing with your electricity bill.

You can generate your own electricity by installing solar panels in your home. Additionally, contact your local utility company for details on other renewable energy sources.

Yes, In case of any electricity issues you should immediately call the Contact Centre at 118 or sms at 8118. 

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