Download mepco bill online – How to Print mepco bill 

If you have misplaced your bill and need a copy, this article provides a convenient method to download the MEPCO bill online. Additionally, it explains the printing process in straightforward language for your understanding.Today’s article thoroughly explains the step-by-step procedure for printing and downloading the MEPCO bill. 

Download the Mepco bill online

To download your MEPCO bill online, follow these general steps:

Click this button.👇

Download the Mepco bill online
  • Navigate to the “Duplicate bills for consumers” Section.
  • After pressing this section you will see a new screen.
  • Enter the 14-digit reference number.
  • If you don’t know the reference number then the other option is to put the 10-digit customer ID in the given area.
  • If you put the required information now select U/R.
  • Press the “Search” button.
  • Choose the specific billing period or bill you want to download.
  • Several methods are available on certain platforms to choose the file format for downloading.
  •  Confirm your selection and click the “Download” button. The bill will now be downloaded to your device.

Mepco bill print procedure – How to print Mepco bill 

To print your MEPCO bill, follow these general steps:

Click this button and follow the instructions.

Mepco bill print procedure - How to print Mepco bill 
  • Now, scroll down and try to find the section “Duplicate bills for consumers”.
  • After a few seconds, a new screen will open on your mobile phone.
  • Enter the required information such as reference number or customer 🆔.
  • And select U/R (Urban or Ruler).
  • Now, click the ” Search” button.
  • Locate the downloaded bill file on your device. Open the bill file.
  • Click “File” and choose “Print.” Adjust settings in the dialog box, including printer selection, desired copies, and page range adjustments if required.
  • You can view your bill on the screen, and if you wish to print it, click on the “Print” option.
  • Ensure your printer is connected securely and equipped with an adequate supply of paper and ink or toner. If you come across any difficulties, consult the user manual for troubleshooting tips or seek assistance from the printer manufacturer’s support team.

Frequently Asked Questions  

  • Click for duplicate bill.. Enter details and select U/R.
  • Open downloaded bill file.
  • Click “File” > “Print.”
  • View and print your bill.
  • Click the download button.
  • Enter required details such as reference number or customer id.
  • Open downloaded bill file

Yes,Using the Mepco Light app, you can download and print your bill effortlessly.

If you want to download a mepco duplicate bill, you’ll need your account details, reference number, or customer ID.

Yes,In the event of your bill being lost, you can download it in PDF format. 

Certain platforms provide choices such as downloading bills in either PDF or Excel formats.

  • Visit MEPCO website.
  •  Log in to your account.
  • Go to billing history.
  • Select the desired old bill.
  •  Click “Download” or similar.
  •  Save the bill file on your device.

If you encounter any issues while downloading your MEPCO electricity bill, contact MEPCO customer support for assistance.

Follow the steps provided on the official website or app to print your bill.

Bills are usually in PDF format, making it easy for simple and standard printing.

Yes,In the printing process, you have the flexibility to select multiple copies at once, depending on your specific requirements.

Absolutely, as long as your mobile device is linked to a compatible printer, printing bills is feasible.

Yes, you can print bills for multiple periods.Verify with the platform; certain platforms may permit printing bills spanning various periods.

If you face any issue imadematy contact MEPCO customer support for further information.

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