Mepco bill check paid or not – How to get mepco bill by sms

To check whether the Mepco bill has been paid or not, what methods are there to check it? How to check the paid or unpaid status of the Mepco bill? Mepco bill check paid or not how to check? The answers to these questions related to Mepco bill payment or non-payment will be shared with you.

Additionally, we’ll discuss how to easily get your Mepco bill information through SMS.

Mepco bill SMS registration – How do I check my Mepco bill via SMS

  • Open Google and search for “MEPCO CNIC registration.”
  • Click on the top result, which should be their official website.
  • You’ll see a form on the screen; fill it with the required information, including customer ID, reference number, name, CNIC, and cell number.
  • After completing the form, click on submit.
  • You will receive notifications from MEPCO throughout the month, containing details about your bill amount and its due date.

Get Mepco bill by SMS – How to check Mepco bill by SMS

  • Open your Google browser.
  • Now, search for “SMS registration for consumer bill details.”
  • You’ll find several websites; click on “SMS registration for consumer bill details.”
  • Now, enter your reference number in the provided area.
  • After adding your mobile number, click on submit.
  • From now on, you’ll receive monthly details of your electricity bill effortlessly.

Mepco bill check paid or not – Mepco bill SMS alert 

MEPCO offers a convenient SMS service for checking your bills. To receive monthly electricity bill details via SMS, send a text message with “Pitc reference number” to 8334. your number is added to the WAPDA system, you will regularly receive comprehensive information about your electricity bill.

10 best ways MEPCO bill check paid or not 

MEPCO Online AccountMEPCO Mobile App
SMS ServiceCustomer Service
Bank StatementJazzCash App
EasyPaisa AppEmail Confirmation
Payment ReceiptMEPCO Office Visit

Mepco website

Visit the official Mepco website ( and enter your account number or CNIC number to access your bill details and payment status.

Mepco mobile app:

 Download the Mepco mobile app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and log in using your account details to view your bill details and payment status.

Mepco SMS service: 

Send an SMS to 9220-222-0003 with your reference number and you will receive an SMS reply with your bill details and payment status.

Online banking portals: 

Many banks in Pakistan allow you to check your MEPCO bill status through their online banking portals. Simply log in to your bank account, navigate to the bill payments section, and select MEPCO as your biller.

Online payment platforms: 

Several online payment platforms in Pakistan, such as Easypaisa, JazzCash, and 1Link, allow you to check your MEPCO bill status and make payments online.

Electricity bill aggregators: 

There are websites and apps that aggregate electricity bill information from various providers, including MEPCO. You can use these platforms to check your bill status and make payments.

Social media channels: 

MEPCO has official social media pages on Facebook and Twitter where they sometimes provide updates on bill status and payment options.

Third-party bill checking websites:

There are third-party websites that offer bill-checking services for various utilities, including MEPCO. You can enter your account details on these websites to check your bill status.

Email notifications:

 If you have registered for email notifications from MEPCO, you should receive an email when your bill is generated and when it is paid.

Customer service portal: 

MEPCO has a customer service portal where you can create an account and manage your billing information, including checking your bill status.

Please note that the specific availability and functionality of these online methods may vary, so it’s always best to check with MEPCO directly for the most up-to-date information.

Frequently Asked Questions

After installing and registering on the Easypaisa app, navigate to the bill payment section. Choose the relevant company, enter your reference number, and effortlessly check the status of your bill.

After registering on the Easypaisa app, go to the bill payment section, select Mepco, add your reference number, and easily confirm your bill’s payment status.

Yes, different options are available for mepco bill verification.

Using the JazzCash app, follow these steps to check if your Mepco bill is paid:

Open the JazzCash app. 

Navigate to the bill payment section.

Select Mepco as the company.

Enter your reference number.

Verify to easily check your bill payment status.

You can easily check whether your bill is paid or unpaid using the Easypaisa app.

Several apps are available through which you can easily check the status of your bill, such as Easypaisa, JazzCash, Mepco Light app, etc.

Yes, you can obtain basic information about your Mepco bill through SMS. Generally, the SMS includes details like the bill amount and due date.

Search “SMS registration for bill details on Google.” enter reference and mobile number, submit, and receive monthly electricity bill details.

Google “MEPCO CNIC registration,” visit the official site, fill the form with customer ID, reference number, name, CNIC, and cell number, then submit. Receive monthly bill notifications.

Yes, SMS service available for Mepco bill info.

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