GEPCO ERP streamlining IT Infrastructure Management with GEPCO ERP

Gujranwala Electric Supply Company (GEPCO) is a prominent energy distribution company in Pakistan, committed to providing reliable and efficient electricity to its customers. As an organization, GEPCO recognizes the importance of having a robust IT infrastructure in place to facilitate smooth operations. To this end, it has implemented an ERP project management system, which streamlines the process of managing IT assets across all lower offices.

A recent report on the existing IT infrastructure of the XEN Civil Line Division in Gujranwala reveals valuable insights into the status of various IT assets such as computers, printers, scanners, and network connections. The report highlights the critical role of maintaining and updating these assets to ensure optimal performance. The report emphasizes the need to use GEPCO ERP, which provides a central platform to monitor and manage IT assets in real-time, reducing downtime and enhancing overall efficiency.

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By using GEPCO ERP, employees have access to the latest technology, enabling them to carry out their duties with efficiency and ease. The ERP project management system provides a single platform to track asset usage, maintenance, and replacement, enabling GEPCO to identify areas that require improvement.

To learn more about the existing IT infrastructure of GEPCO and its implementation of the ERP project management system, download the “GEPCO ERP – EXISTING IT INFRASTRUCTURE – LOWER OFFICES” report from the GEPCO website. This report provides detailed insights into the current state of IT assets and helps to identify areas that require improvement.


Table of Contents

2.Regulatory framework2
3.Title and Commencement2
5.Appointment of ERP Supervisory Committee & its Functions3
6.Scope – Issuance of the Equipment4
7.Returning of the Equipment4
8.Equipment Safety and Security5
9.Maintenance of the Equipment5
10.Replacement of the Equipment6

ERP IT Equipment Guidelines I 2020


The Gujranwala Electric Power Company Limited (“GEPCO”) has formulated these General Guidelines for GEPCO ERP IT equipment for the “Equipment” necessary for the implementation and seamless processing of GEPCO ERP Modules.

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Regulatory Framework

The equipment issued to the concerned ERP users (Officers/Officials) shall be considered as Office T&P and all rules and regulations relating to Office T&P mutatis mutandis shall apply.

In this Guideline unless the context provides otherwise, a reference to masculine includes feminine and to singular includes plural.

Title and Commencement

The Guidelines shall be called as “GEPCO ERP IT Equipment Guidelines”.


In these Guidelines, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context:

  • “GEPCO” means Gujranwala Electric Power Company, Limited, Gujranwala.
  • “Chief Executive Officer” means the Chief Executive Officer of GEPCO.
  • “ERP Supervisory Committee” means ERP IT Supervisory Committee under Clause 5 of these Guidelines.
  • “Rules” means any Rules framed under these Guidelines from time to time.
  • “Notice” means any notice issued under this ERP IT equipment Guidelines.
  • “Laptop Type-A” means Laptop Core i7 Lenovo ThinkPad
  • “Laptop Type-B” means Laptop Core i7 Lenovo ThinkPad L590.
  • “Printer” means Multifunctional Printers HP LaserJet Pro (MFP M227fdw).
  • “Accessories” means Charger, Power Cable, Carrying Bag, Wireless Mouse and Table wire lock.
  • “Recovery” means Recovery imposed as per Clause 8.1.2 of this GEPCO ERP IT equipment Guidelines.

Appointment of ERP IT Supervisory Committee & its Functions

In order to implement these Guidelines, an ERP Supervisory Committee comprising upon the following officers has been notified with the approval of Chief Executive Officer GEPCO vide office order No. 1449/41881-922/ERP Dated: 11-12-2020:-

  • Mr. Akhtar Ali Project Manager ERP
    Addl. Manager (PMU) GEPCO (Convener)
  • Mr. Waj ahat Aziz Gill Member ERP Technical Team
    Addl. Assistant Manager (MIS) (Member)
  • Mr. Abdul Jabbar Khan Member ERP Technical Team Addl. Assistant Manager (MIS)

5.2 The ERP Supervisory Committee shall have the powers to implement and decide all the relating matters.

5.3 The function of ERP Supervisory Committee inter-alia shall include the issuance, inventory management, equipment configuration and installation, including both monetary and physical valuation and the said committee shall perform all such ancillary duties and functions necessary to implement this order.

Scope – Issuance of Equipment Of ERP Gepco

  • Type-A Laptops shall be issued to Dy. Manager(s) and above whereas, Type-B laptops shall be issued to officers/Officials below Dy. Managers.
  • Provided that there shall be no bar if the Dy. Manager(s) and above request in writing to the ERP Supervisory Committee for issuance of Type -B laptop in lieu of Type-A Laptop subject to the availability.
  • The ERP Supervisory Committee may issue Type-A laptop to the officers/ officials below Dy. Manager or Type-B laptop to the Dy. Manager or above if deemed appropriate keeping in view the inventory mix and availability. However, Priority shall be given to implement Sub-clause 6.1.
  • The equipment shall be allocated by the ERP Supervisory Committee to the ERP end users involved in the data processing relating to ERP modules and system users including Power users, Technical Team, Executive users and End users.
  • The Laptop shall be issued subject to the provision of “Clearance Certificate” from Addi. Director General (IS)/ Manager MIS GEPCO that officer/ official has returned the existing laptop if any.
  • The Multifunctional printers (HP LaserJet Pro MFP M227fdw) for the usage as input/output device in ERP System (SAP/SharePoint/ .Net) shall be allocated by the Supervisory Committee office wise (one for each office for all modules/users).

Returning of Equipment

The laptop allocated to offices and issued to end user (officers/ officials) shall retain in the same office and proper acknowledgement (handing over /taking over) should be followed on transfer /posting of the ERP end user. The equipment issued in GEPCO HQ under ERP Project should be hand over/return to GEPCO ERP Project office on transfer /posting out of the GEPCO HQ OR posting on a non ERP designated post OR left GEPCO.

ERP Supervisory Committee can revoke any allocation of the equipment and shall reallocate the same to the ERP user on need basis/ requirement.

Equipment Safety and Security


The overall responsibility for the safeguarding of equipment issued to an officer/ official and any accessories therein rests with the officer/ official concerned.
In case of any loss, damage, snatching or theft of the equipment the recovery shall be imposed by the committee on the allottee /user.

Any repeated occurrences of improper or careless use, wastage of supplies or any such offense compromising the safety or health of the equipment and employee(s) using them shall be subject to disciplinary action.

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No one (ERP user) has “Admin user rights” except GEPCO ERP Technical Team.

The user has no rights to install any application/ software and also can’t make any change in configuration(s) of the system.

Moreover, the computer name/user name cannot be changed by the user as both are registered on GEPCO ERP Active Directory.
The user name and password shall be provided and managed by GEPCO ERP Technical Team.

Maintenance of the E.9.!tlP_ment

Any observed malfunction, error, fault or problem while operating equipment must be immediately informed to the designated staff in GEPCO ERP Project office GEPCO HQ, Gujranwala. No one is allowed to handle faults at his own level.

If assigned device is malfunctioning or underperforming and needs to be replaced or repaired, then written approval from concerned DDO/Head of Department is required for the same. The malfunctioning device needs to be reported to the GEPCO ERP Project office for checking, maintenance or repair from the vender.

9.3 Periodic inventory audit shall also be carried out by the ERP Supervisory Committee to validate the inventory and make sure that all assets are up-to-date and in proper working condition as required for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Replacement of Equipment (Laptop)

The rules regarding replacement be framed after laps of contemplated life of five years depending upon physical condition, performance feedback and other market condition duly approved by Chief Executive Officer GEPCO on the recommendation of the Special Committee comprising upon the following officers:-

  1. Head of ERP
    ii. Director General (HR & Admn)
  2. Manager (MIS)

· A.PJ?.eals

The appeal against any decision of the Supervisory Committee shall lie with the Project Director ERP GEPCO.

Review of Guidelines

These Guidelines may be reviewed as and when required by the GEPCO.


Any person who contravenes or fails to comply with any provision of this Guideline will be dealt under E&D Rules.

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